Kit Ingram (first published as Cory Ingram) is a queer Canadian writer based in London. His poetry has earned short-listings for the Bridport Prize and Fish Prize, and his fiction a long-listing for the Grindstone Literary Novel Prize, among others.

In 2019, he published Paradise, a novel, with Ganymede Press and in late 2021 published his debut poetry collection Alice and Antius with Penrose Press.

Raised in Calgary, Alberta, on the windswept foothills of the Rocky Mountains, Kit went on to graduate from the University of Toronto with an Honours Bachelor of Arts in philosophy. He now freelances as a storyteller working with various start-ups, creatives, and Indigenous-run businesses.

When he isn’t considering line breaks or the lives of his characters, you’ll find him playing with his golden retriever, Hugo, or cycling across English Heritage country with a smile on his face. 

Alice and Antius

Alice and Antius is a narrative poem following the lives of two lovers—a scientist and poet—through a climate apocalypse. Survivors of a lost time, they enter a labyrinth filled with the haze of nostalgia, loss, meaning, and hope.

At turns mythic and intimate, wry and lyrical, Alice and Antius show us the power of words to trace our path across the shadow of ruin.

‘A heartfelt take on our current situation with all the imagery and poetic license of our best canonical works of poetry.’ —Independent Book Review

‘Pained, tender, and vividly rendered… an elegy for the Anthropocene.’—BookLife

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Letters from Kit

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